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Misconceptions about missionaries are common. People usually imagine them as the stereotype of a colonial European, living in a jungle to preach to tribal people. We want to bring people past that stereotype. Get them up to date with the reality of what missionaries are facing right now.

Information and Modules

Mission work is as old as the Church itself, and over the centuries it has taken radically different forms. Learn with us via these online training videos and more!

Unseen Series: PART 1 - Side of Missionary Life
Unseen Series: PART 2 - Ways that Missions Have Changed

Church of the Nazarene - Asia Pacific

Want to go deeper? REFLECT - READ - WATCH - LISTEN

REFLECT - In White Awake, Pastor Daniel Hill invites us along his personal journey to discover and define white culture and identity. Through that, he encourages and empowers those within that culture to be agents of reconciliation.

READ - Care of Creation, edited by Joseph Coleson, explores God’s mandate to be good stewards of His creation from a Biblical perspective, offering a theological perspective of creation care. Through an exploration of Christian ethics, it encourages readers to deeply consider all of God’s creation and humanity’s role in it.

WATCH - The 2010 documentary Little Town of Bethlehem puts faces to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict by following three individuals. The film serves to show the impacts of the conflict rather than providing the history or background.

LISTEN - Did Mother Theresa experience doubt, too? Born out of Karen Wright Marsh’s book of the same name, the Vintage Saints and Sinners podcast features discussions about the lives of those who might be considered saints.

Current Missionaries

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