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Flip Flop

Have you ever considered the flip-flop? It is a staple for most people in the summer, it is an easy item to pack and store and it can be dressed up to match occasions. I have done a few weddings where the bride and her attendants have opted for the simple flip-flop as a comfortable and light shoe for the event. They come in so many colours and styles, they are very affordable and can easily be accessorized. I have even seen the groom and groomsmen wearing these laid back casual kicks. The sound of the flip-flop is also very distinctive and had a large part in the naming of the beach shoe. The versatility of this shoe plus the fact it has been in use far longer than we think makes it an integral part of our society. In fact, if you research it, the flip-flop goes back to ancient Egypt more than four thousand years ago.

It is such a simple item to make, easy to repair and almost every culture in the world has benefitted from their existence. If you ask anyone, they can define the basic make up of the sandal but it will differ slightly depending on where you are from. The ancient Romans had a strap after the second toe, the Mesopotamians, the third toe. Were they wrong? Nope, just different. Is it worth arguing over? Nope, not really. Do people argue over it or disagree with where and when they should be worn? All the time! I went to a really nice restaurant in Jamaica with my wife a few years ago and I can tell you we were not the only ones wearing sandals, in fact it would have been out of place to wear dress shoes. So why does society feel such a need to make such a big deal out of such a small issue?

There are those in this world who look at other religious organizations, other denominations within a religious order, and they find ways to push these groups out of their own little circle of righteousness because they do not hold the same ideals or beliefs of that individual or group. Here is my question, in order for someone to be my friend, must they hold the exact same values and beliefs as me? If that is the case, Natalie and I would not be married because she would rather play with her plants than go quadding with our group. Natalie would rather sing than beat on the drums. I like a plain ordinary pair of flip-flops as opposed to Natalie who likes a sandal with a bit more character. Here is the thing, I love my wife regardless of her choice in sandals, despite her choice in hobbies or her choice in hockey teams. I have many friends who do not believe in what I do and each friendship is as different as one could imagine but there is something that is very much the same – we appreciate and respect the relationships we have with each other. My closest friend wears the most amazing sandals and we have a perfect relationship. I am called to share this news, it is up to you if you want to hear it. It won’t change our relationship going forward just like your flip-flops won’t affect my walk. Love God, love each other – it is that easy.

Last Sunday, things went a bit sideways and the message was not what we had planned. This week, we look at how we can release the bonds of over doing it with the rules and leaning on the Word of God. We would love for you to join us either in person or online Sunday at 10:30 AM MST.

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We look forward to seeing you this Sunday.


Pastor Todd

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