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His Faithfulness

During the course of any given week, our brain has the capability of processing more thoughts than we can humanly count. The number would be so abstract to us that we could not comprehend its’ true value. Yet, through all of this, God makes a way into our minds in a manner that even our super highway brain can block the world out in order to give Him freedom to reign. He has the power, by a quiet gentle voice to silence the static. He can block the evil one from taking up residence by laying His plan out for your day. Satan cannot. If you are in a medical crisis, and feel as though no one cares, He does. By the simple whisper of His name, Jesus, He is there. In your sleep and wake time, His hands are holding you. Through the pain of the loss of a friend or loved one, He is there. In the midst of a family crisis, He sends others to surround you in support and prayer. This is known as His army of prayer warriors. After a major surgery, and in the private discomfort of the body’s healing, His assurance is there as He whispers, my child, I made you, and I will heal you.

You may ask how I am so sure of this. Well, first of all, I believe and I receive. I have seen all of these things in person. All of us will go through times where we simply cry out and ask God, why, or when will my turn for release come? I have learned that God never has, and never will, turn His back on us. When we have accepted Him in our hearts, we have then taken up residence in His court. We can ask anything. We can even question anything. When we doubt Him, He forgives, when we pull away, He waits, yet when we run to Him in all things, He lifts us up. If we read Psalm 73, let it be the cry of our heart to God when we see His faithfulness to our lives.

Let this time in your life be one of newness in Him. He carries our children, our parents, our friends, and our future. Allow this year to be the one that finds you letting your guard down, in order to let Him into the rest of your life. He does have a wonderful plan for you and me. Let’s let Him roll it out for us.

Mike Shindruk

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