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Living On The Edge

You know, one really does not fully realize just

how close to the edge of the cliff one is walking until you look back and see how close you were. Last week, I was out in the back country and we hiked up to the top of a rather large hill. If I was to name it like it felt, I would have called it a medium sized mountain. It took a bit of time to actually get up to the top (except for two intrepid mountain goats whom shall remain nameless who went straight up) because we were being cautious and were zig-zagging our way to the crest. There was deadfall on the path, some rather tricky parts on a side slope but we made it right to the summit. One of our hikers had a slight sprain and I took a bit of time to assess the ankle and, while I was doing so, someone snapped a picture and showed it to me. Now generally I am a fairly safe person but I did not realize just how close to the edge I was sitting because I was more focused on the needs of the other person. Another thing I did not notice was there was another person close beside me who was, it appeared, watching to make sure I did not go for a tumble. You see, this cliff behind me was a rather large drop with basically nothing on the face to arrest a fall and, when I looked at it from the bottom on our way up, it was a shear rock face. I am very grateful for the fact that someone was watching my back while I was helping another.

So this leads me to part two. We can burn the candle at both ends at times and, as we get used to the pace, we can get quite comfortable with that pace but forget to take a look around us to see what all is being affected. Sure, there are things we need to do and other things we are expected to do but there is a time when we need to stop, take a look at what all is around us and assess our surroundings. It may seem that we have it all in hand but when we stop to take a look, we see the damage that is in our wake. An eight-hour day turns into a nine-hour day and then into a ten-hour day. There are not enough hours in the day so Saturday becomes an option. Suddenly the family and friends start to feel neglected and out come the excuses. “Just let me push through this on the weekend and next weekend we will go to the beach”. The beach never happens, more promises get broken, and the stress begins to affect the health of not only the individual but also the relationships around us. For those going to church or participating in faith activities, it becomes a thing that can be whittled away to make time for other things and it just keeps spiralling out of control. The most important person who can speak into this chaos is the one who is getting pushed to the back of the priority list. Scripture states that He will never leave us or forsake us yet we are the ones putting up the wall and shutting Him out. Ask yourself this, has the time come to do a re-org and re-prioritize life?

As I write this, I am in day one of my sabbatical and have already been warned to take a break, a real break and re-org life. They took away my phone and distributed my responsibilities to others who are more than capable of handling them. I am in a time of rest and relaxation so that I might renew and rebuild. With God watching over me and my friends and family watching my back, I know I will not fall.

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