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I’d like to believe that I have fairly good carpentry skills. Together with my wife, we built the house we live in almost forty years ago. Within the thousands of pieces there is no doubt a fair number of mistakes. Not the kind that would make our home unsafe or structurally inferior, but let’s just say not perfect. My father told me once that molding and trim cover up a lot of sins. It was just a figure of speech I suppose. It’s funny but fathers always seem to have a pocket full of those. Well, if that is true, then every house standing has hidden a lot of sins.

I’m sure that even on a daily basis, there is not one among us who doesn’t make mistakes. It could be an error in grammar, math, speed limits, or even acceptable social etiquette. Regardless of our social standing, education, or up-bringing, we as humans will spend our life making mistakes, and apologizing for them. In most instances, we will be forgiven, and in some we will slip under the radar. No one is perfect, as we are all human. When we mess up in our life we can usually depend on our parents to assume the responsibility of helping us turn that around. We will be forgiven many more times than we forgive, which is something we should really consider. Scripture tells us that we are to forgive those who do something against us, seven times seventy times. I’m not sure about you but I for one admit that I could not meet that standard. In a perfect world, we could but these days that’s just unrealistic for the human race.

The only person that I know of that could be capable of that would be Jesus. Consider what the Romans, Pharisees, accusers, and unbelievers did to Him. They tried Him, scoffed Him, scorned Him, and crucified Him. Yet in some of His dying breaths, He forgave, saying” Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”. How terrible was this mistake by mankind itself at the time to do this to the Son of God. Yet, Jesus died for them, and us for all the mistakes, and sins for eternity. Only God could do that. Heaven knows we need God now more than ever. How much more proof do we need these days when we see leaders of countries like Russia trying to erase their neighbors in Ukraine. We see our children, and grandchildren being preyed upon by those who promote deviant lifestyles at every turn. We are standing on the sidelines as corporations fight for control of every aspect of our lives, as millions of people walk around, fixated on their cell phones oblivious to the world around them.

We are losing our way faster than the speed of the race to Mars. Recently, my wife underwent a major surgery. The day before, we were enjoying a meal and each other’s company. We were cherishing every moment in conversation, as we gazed into each other’s eyes. We spent valuable time walking around the Halifax Gardens, not knowing exactly what the following day would bring. As we sat for lunch we noticed a couple in the booth across the aisle. Each were emersed in their individual cell phones, and never uttered more than a half dozen words in the hour we were there. They had no idea what a mistake they made that day, by not closing in on what was important. It seems like our world is doing the same thing. I would encourage you to take a look at yourself and reset your life. It’s not too late to correct any mistakes that are hovering around you right now. Mend your fences, pay attention to your mate and your children. Keep the world from swallowing them up. Drop any grudges that are keeping you awake at night. Give your employer the best value for their money. Stop chasing temporary trophies, and bowing at the feet of idols.

God forgave the world for crucifying His son, Jesus. He can clean your own slate if you just invite Him in. Look up and just ask, and watch how the mistakes that hold you down, be erased, and forgiven. We all make mistakes. The greatest thing is, we all have a way out from underneath them. Call on His name and see what it feels like to have the weight of the world come off your shoulders.

Mike Shindruk

Master’s Hand Ministry.

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