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Not Everyone Is A Believer

So, as you may or may not know, I am away from home at an air force base in northeastern Alberta. There are so many people on this base from so many different ethnicities and they all have such an array of religious or non-religious backgrounds. I could go down several paths with this article, but I want to focus on one thing; we are all God’s creation whether we know it or not. Earlier in the day, my cohort and I were discussing the big bang theory and the creation and, while our ideologies are very compatible, we did have our own opinions. My thought is this; while evolutionists conclude that all life came from a massive explosion of a small and finite amount of matter which produced an infinite and massive universe that continues to expand and will do so until sometime in the near or infinite future when it may or may not collapse in upon itself. I do not want to get too deep into this but will say this, according to Antoine Lavoisier in 1789, “Matter can change form through physical and chemical changes, but through any of these changes matter is conserved. The same amount of matter exists before and after the change—none is created or destroyed. This concept is called the Law of Conservation of Mass.” My questions regarding this are where did the original matter come from and what was the “spark” that set it all off. Secondly, if something that massive and that hot was the start of all life, how did the organic material survive?

Let me throw this out there as a possible answer; In the beginning God created... Gen 1:1. You want the spark to the start of all that is, God created it. Intelligent design, He has a thought and a purpose and He created the universe and it was, in my opinion a very large bang, He created the heavens and the earth and all the stars in the sky, He took the time to place the earth just where it needed to be, He set up the perfect amount of water and air required, prepared the dry earth for food and animals and then God created man, in His image. He set the foundation for life, He created life and He then created man and woman. From Adam and Eve came all mankind and we are all one in the Father, the creator of us all. Not everyone believes this, not all will proclaim this but, truth be told, it makes much more sense in my mind that a chance encounter of a series of proteins that somehow survived a cataclysmic event and through some miracle, sorry, evolutionary event, became a sentient life form, survived the harshness of a very inhospitable environment, and somehow formed complex organisms that eventually became human beings. Here’s a heads up for those who follow the theory of evolution, not everyone is a believer of this. I, for one, can appreciate the differences in our understandings and beliefs and I will never force my beliefs on anyone. It is my calling to inform others as to what I believe to be truth and also to respect the ideology of others. I try to keep an open mind just as I hope others would to my ideas and beliefs. We all do not have to fully buy into the thoughts or beliefs of each other nor do we need to fight wars over our differences, we simply need to respect each other and, as in all things, keep an open mind to the opinions of others.

I have learned so much from listening to others in my time here and am grateful for the added knowledge and wisdom they have shared with me. We are all family on this rock that circles the sun at an incredible speed and for that I am truly humbled and grateful.

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