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When Your Hope Is In The Lord

I am currently in the wonderful province of Nova Scotia where the days are hot, the beach is near and the salt water is so cool and refreshing when you need to wash off the sweat. The temperature was hovering around the 30C mark when we got out to The Merb, slang for Melmerby Beach, and, for Natalie and I, beach time is relaxing time. The moment we arrive, we look up and down the beach for what would be our base camp. We have a routine, Natalie says she is headed for a walk which means she is going to hunt for shells and sea glass, while I set up the towels, move the sand around to make perfect indentations and piles so that I am comfortable. Once that is accomplished, I close my eyes, thank God for a perfect moment in time, and listen as the waves caress the shore. Most times, I tend to drift off into a light slumber until Natalie comes back to inform me as to the temperature of the water.

Well, this time was rather different, thank you Lord for the inspiration on this, because there were two ladies about thirty feet away who were carrying on a conversation that was not all that quiet. The more aggravated the one lady became while recounting the events of what I can only assume are events from the past many months, the louder she became. The stories, which one could not ignore unless one chose to move out of earshot, were so negative and so caustic that it got me to thinking about life in His presence verses the lack of hope so many have these days. I was on a beach, surrounded by the beauty He has provided, smells that are so soothing and sounds that calm and yet these two were so focused on the garbage cards that someone had dealt them that they did not see the wonders around them. Big thing going through my mind on all this goes back to Genesis where we were made in the image of God and God is love. Focusing on that helps to eliminate some of the stress of the anger because we are also commanded to love as God loves and that includes our enemies. Once again, I find that forgiveness is a great stress reliever but it is also a hope for a future. Pray for your enemies, for those who vex you, just as your Father in Heaven forgives you. Another great stress reliever!

Finally, seek out the joy in creation all around you and let that which He has provided for you, for us all, be the thing we look for. In the whole time they were at the beach, they missed the laugher of the two kids down the beach as they threw the football around, they missed the sound of the puppy as he chased the waves coming onto shore, and they missed the wonders God provided for them and all others who were enjoying the beach. When your hope is in the Lord, things seem just a bit brighter, life a whole lot easier and the future filled with the promise of joy and love.

This Sunday, we welcome Rev Bob Hillock as he brings a message of hope to our faith community. Pastor Todd is still on the east coast but will be bringing a message to our faith family in Nova Scotia at Master’s Hand Church. Please plan to join us either in person or online at 10:30 AM this Sunday. The service will be broadcast online on our website (, or you are more than welcome to join us in person at 402 Main Ave. W in Sundre, AB.    




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