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Where Does Our Strength Come From?

What does it take to start a movement or affect a change in direction? One day, I was looking up at a pile of snow thinking “how am I supposed to shift all this with such a small shovel?” It had snowed all night and well into the morning and there was no sign of it slowing down. So much snow, so much work. It was even worse for many others because their drives were so much longer and much more exposed to the winds and drifts. All up and down the Abercrombie-Granton Road, dozens of driveways with two to three feet of snow and little to no movement from any of the homes. Slowly, figures emerged from the homes, snow shovels in hand, and they began to carve out trails in the fresh snow. Some pulled out snow blowers and made rather short work of their drives while other driveways remained untouched. As driveways were cleared, the community began to come together to tackle the drives that were still in need of clearing. Many of the driveways were owned by seniors in the community who were unable to shovel out. Within a few hours, the drives were cleared, seniors came out to thank the community with fresh baked cookies and hot chocolate and, in the end, all left with full bellies and warm memories.

The strength of the community comes from the loving relationship of the fellowship. Each person looking out for the needs of others, the strengths of the individuals combining to enhance the strength of the whole. We can look at life in a variety of ways. We can stand at the door and look out at the massive piles of snow and feel utterly beaten. We can fear the thought of taking that first step into the unknown questioning our ability to handle the situation and shrink back into our four walls or we can rest in the knowledge that there are those out there who are watching out for us. When all seems bleak, we need to remember there is a loving and compassionate Saviour who watches over us and wants nothing but the best for each of us. He sends help in the darkest of time, gives strength in our times of greatest need and champions for us. There are those who do not know this loving Saviour and rely on their own devices to make it through life’s struggles but I can say this, life is so much brighter when one lives in the love of Jesus and leans on His strength in all occasions. How does this play out in life? Today, even though some thoughtless person decided to take a run at me, I am at peace because my Jesus is in charge and He is my rock. Life on earth is short but life in Christ is eternal, that is what truly matters and that is where my strength lies.

This Sunday, we continue with the series on God’s Provisions; Where Does Our Strength Lie. We would love for you to join us either in person or online Sunday at 10:30 AM MST.

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We look forward to seeing you this Sunday.

Our Mission “To live the love of Christ”

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