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Farewell For Now

Farewell my friend but it is only for a time, not forever. It has been a while since I saw my friend Walter but I want to tell you a bit about him. You see, he had a big smile and an even bigger heart. I would see him at church and his joy was infectious. You could not help but smile when he was around. I cherished those times he would share his nature pictures on Facebook, such wonderful glimpses into the world just outside his back door. At the church gatherings, it was truly wonderful to chat with him and hear the love of God communicated through his words and actions. While I won’t see him again on this earth, I look forward to seeing him once again in Glory. Such a wonderful thought that one day we will be able to see those who have left before us in Heaven. I do have to say this, there are those who will say that I am a fool for believing in a fallacy, in a myth but I have to say this, I have faith in a magnificent and wonderful Saviour and in His promise. My response to those who mock is simple; am I hurting you with my faith? If not, pump the brakes, step off my belief and continue on your merry way. You see, my faith in a living and loving God is just that, mine. I don’t hurt you or force you to believe but if you do want to ask the questions and ponder, I will gladly sit and chat...just like Walter and many others like him.

There is a parable about three men who were given a task of taking care of the master’s wealth and how the one servant took the time to grow the wealth over time and when the master returned, there was an increase and this was good. I want to challenge you to think about the things God has entrusted us all with; His Message. We have not been tasked to save the world but rather to share the love of God and the message of grace to all around us as we come into contact with them, We don’t need to slay the mighty giant with a stone or part the sea with a stick but rather spread the Word of God and see the fruits grow for the Master. I only hope one day there will be those who will say that I planted the seed of faith in their heart and they found salvation because they heard the Good News. For me, however, what I want more than that is to hear my Master say, “well done, oh good and faithful servant.” Those who mentored me, who took time to share the Message and help me better understand His Word, like Walter, I am certain they were met at the gates of Glory by the Saviour and heard those words from Him directly. Praise God for faithful servants!

The Main Avenue service will be broadcast online (see links below), or you are more than welcome to join us in person at 402 Main Ave. W in Sundre, AB.


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