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Who Do You Say I Am?

When I worked in security, I came across a person who was trying to break into the office I was guarding. While I was discussing with him the error of his ways, he asked me if I knew who he was and who his father was. Well, this was something I had never heard before. Never had I heard anyone, who was incredibly intoxicated, ask me that question as I was holding them until the police came to take the person away. In fact, it is so kind of them to inform me of their name and also inform me their father was a famous lawyer. I would ask who that person was as I may know them. To follow this up, not two minutes later when the police are presenting him with a brand-new pair of chrome bracelets, the individual clams up when he is asked his name. That is when I look at the officer and ask “don’t you know who this is? This is John Doe, son of the famous defense lawyer Jack Doe”.

This morning, I was having bit of a pity party because I am exhausted, frustrated, argumentative and sore. I am just waiting for someone to recognize my mood and either tell me to get over it or try to get me to see the sunny sky (it is actually overcast and snowing). Either way, it is going to take all I have to keep it on the down low and not blow-up causing people to ask “who do you think you are?” Here is what changed it around for me this morning; God recognized my mood and I felt led to take an extra bit of time in bed in conversation with the Lord. That is when it came to me, scripture has Christ asking Peter in Matthew 16 “who do you say I am?”, I asked the Father this morning, who do you say I am?

I am a child of God (1 John 3;2) and I belong to Him (John 14:18) and He loves me as a perfect Father loves His children (John ,3:1), “and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world”. God claims us all as His own and He tells us that we are His children. Jesus testifies who we are to the Father and, I suggest, He loves it when we testify as to who He is in our life.  It opened my eyes this morning to the fact that I identify as a child of God and should always be ready to ask, “do you know who my Father is?” The rest of the morning is going very well and, even though it is still snowing, my chat with the Lord has changed my mindset.

This week, we welcome Pastor Eryn as she continues her series. Please join us either in person or online at 10:30 AM this Sunday. The service will be broadcast online on our website (, or you are more than welcome to join us in person at 402 Main Ave. W in Sundre, AB. 


Our Mission “To live the love of Christ”

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