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Footprints We Leave

This past week, a neighbour of ours passed away suddenly. He was a very well known and cracker jack mechanic. He worked long hours and especially his quarter mile Mustang along with his brother. For the forty-seven plus years next door there must have been thousands of customers come and go, because he was that good, and that fair. Just like my brother-in-law, who passed two years ago, and my dad, almost thirty years, each one of them have left a footprint on this earth. All of them in their own way have left behind the very best of impressions that will be spoken well of for many years. They served others with an unselfish spirit, knowing they always did something good for someone else.

I can only keep doing my personal best to do the same thing, as we all should. It would pain my family to think that I left a trail of anything that would disgrace my name. I can only try my best to treat everyone as fair as I can while I’m here. I do not want to be known as someone who dishonored any employer, caused an offense at a church body, or left any bad debts. These are things that we all should strive for in the years we’re given. We could do a thousand things right, but a stumble will by human nature, be what we are remembered by.

I point these examples out only to illustrate the human failure to be perfect. Our nature these days seems to be one of easy influence, especially when we’re bombarded with the lure of possessions and privilege. I don’t profess to understand many of the ”causes” that people wave their own flag about. I don’t agree with the free reign that some will try and take on our children and grand children. I may not agree with some political groups or leaders, but I won’t be baited into compromising my morals and values given to me by my parents. I will do my best to follow the teachings and examples that Christ has given us yet may fail like anyone else. I have done my best, so far to work for and earn what I have honestly and should expect nothing less from those around me. These days, with social media watching every move, it’s getting harder and harder to avoid the microscope of strangers.

I wonder what Jesus would think these days if He were in human form? I can only imagine what He carried all those years ago when the earth was in turmoil while He spread the gospel. There was no fake news of the internet then, as His words, deeds, messages were written down as truth. He gave us words and guidance to follow today to live with love for everyone, not just those who agree with us. These days, those very words are being tested and twisted for some agendas. If it’s to make the scriptures fit a life style, or to justify bad behavior then a real reckoning is coming for sure.

Let’s not be trapped or tricked into using scripture for personal gain. Rather let’s learn them and apply His teachings in a way that brings honor to our memory. Here we are almost two thousand years after His death & resurrection, and He’s the most famous person who ever lived among us. That should speak volumes about His character. Those are the footprints we should be following before the sands of time erase us from our lives. Demonstrate His agape love as best you can. Lead by example in a good way. There will be a time when we all stand before Him as He asks us to look at the footprints we left behind. Will we be proud of ourselves and the life we lived? Will we have to answer for misrepresenting Him? My best for Him will come on the last day I breathe, because so far, my best has yet to come. I hope the footprints I leave are of a good path, and not evidence of my down-trotting on anyone else to get somewhere.

Mike Shindruk

Master’s Hand Ministry

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